When you’ve lost your ability to move — you’ve lost everything. 

Maximize Your Movement Potential in Only 5 Minutes a Day

5 Minute Flow is a daily, 5 minute movement practice designed to help you move, feel, and live better. It encourages ALL LEVELS to stand up and move pain-free in a sedentary world.


5 Minute Flow has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world reduce aches and pains, enhance their flexibility and strength, increase energy and develop lifestyle-changing healthy habits (so you can stick with it forever).

5 Minute Flow was created with a deep understanding of habit formation and behavioral psychology. It is organized so you will succeed, not for 30 days, but for the rest of your life. Life is movement—and movement is something that must be practiced daily.


Bruce Lee has been a major influence in my teaching—that influence drives the constant effort to refine and “hack away the unessential.” 5 Minute Flow is the most efficient and effective path toward better mobility, strength, and health. It is also a pivotal step in taking control of your life.


Pain. Procrastination. Anxiety. Stress. These things sap your energy, and hold you back in your pursuit of happiness. What if taking control of your mornings could have a snowball effect to the rest of your day? How would it feel to accomplish your goals like a champion, and have your body feel amazing while doing it?


5 Minute Flow is about getting you off the sideline and putting you back in the game. Whether that game is having the freedom to run around with kids, or grandkids, or competing in any sport your heart desires.


Physical Freedom is what I am offering you.

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Build Muscle & Strength with Mobility 


Enhance Proprioception
Proprioception is basically your brain’s map of your body. If you have a deficit in your proprioception you will experience a decrease in strength and mobility. Furthermore if your proprioception is not very good, you are more likely to experience pain. To sum up, a lack of proprioception will make you weak, stiff, and painful.


Relieve Stress and balances your Hormones
One cool feature of mobility training is that it stimulates your body’s hormones to burn fat and build muscle. By relieving stress, and thereby balancing out the excess of stress hormones, you put your body in a state where it will be more likely to build muscle and enhance strength. Strength training and sprinting enhance testosterone and growth hormone production (muscle builders)–so if you combine that with mobility work you will put your body in a superior hormonal state for building muscle and enhances strength.


Optimize Muscle Tension
Ideally, your muscles will work together toward a goal, and keep your joint centered in the socket at the same time. Unfortunately, the balance of tension in opposing muscles is often skewed, and not only pulls joints out of alignment, but also fights you through every movement.For example, I frequently see people who have great difficulty in lifting their arms overhead struggle to military press. This is simply because they are fighting 2 opponents now–gravity AND their opposite muscle groups. This same thing is true for most movements. If you have to fight your body, the same weight will feel heavier. So if you prioritize mobility work, you are going to be able to maximize your training.


Prevent Injury
This last point goes hand-in-hand with point 3, but it has to be said. Mobility work prevents injuries. One key roadblock I see hold people back from maximizing their strength and muscle potential is injury.


“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

― Socrates

Who am I, and why does it matter?


My name is Max Shank. The best way to describe me would be the lovechild of Bruce Lee and Jack Lalanne—Relentlessly hacking away the unessential while helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. Fighting with my entire being to eradicate obesity, pain, and sickness. 


I’ve broken bones, torn muscles, and shredded connective tissue during a youth of high level soccer. When I retired from soccer, I had chronic back pain, knee pain, and I couldn’t touch my toes. At my lowest point I was bedridden for a week. By making mobility training a priority in my life I was able to make a change. My pain has faded away into distant memory, the stress has been erased from my brain, and my professional and personal life have improved tenfold. 5 Minute Flow was the catalyst for all of that.


My purpose in life is to help people move well again-- the way we used to move as children. It’s a crazy world we live in, and it seems like as people we are moving less and less. I want everyone to experience it through strong, mobile, and capable body. The beauty of 5 Minute Flow, is that anyone can do it—and everyone will benefit from it. Whether you are in your golden years, or looking to get the edge in your athletics, 5 Minute Flow can help you achieve in a way you didn’t think was even possible.


I dedicated the last decade of my life to helping people move better and live better through improved fitness and health. I created 5 Minute Flow to give you 100% physical freedom. To give you a body that is capable of anything—both physically and mentally. There are no magic bullets or secret pills that the “celebrities don’t want you to know about.” It’s just about doing the right things consistently over the long term. But how is that best achieved?


Move. Breathe. Live. 

Movement Changes Lives 


This story is about a man name Rob. Rob was 62 years old when he walked into my gym (referred from a member who had fixed their back pain). Rob hadn’t run for 15 years—he had chronic pain in most of his major joints, and his activity level was playing golf once per week. 
Fast forward to 6 months of diligent work at Ambition Athletics, and Rob and I were playing racquetball together once a week. He had actually regained the ability to run—even though it had been lost for over a decade. Rob is 67 now and we still play once a week to this very day, and he is one of my closest friends. 


The next story is about a man named Josh who drove from LA to see me (~2-3 hours depending on traffic). Josh was a strong, strong man who could already bench press 320lbs when he first came to me. However, when he would do even light deadlifts and squats, he experienced back pain. Fast forward to just a few months later and Josh was hitting Personal Records in every single one of his lifts (without any heavy lifting in training), his back pain was gone, and his mobility had improved significantly—he was able to put his palms flat on the ground, even though he had never in his ENTIRE LIFE been able to even touch his toes.


5 Minute Flow is a progressive program that can take any human being from absolute level zero, all the way up to a ninja warrior of movement. Starting with a foundation of simple joint mobilizations used by cutting edge physical therapists, and eventually leading to an advanced hybrid of calisthenics, yoga, and martial arts, 5 Minute Flow will make you into a better man or woman. 


5 Minute Flow is something you will look forward to doing every day. It challenges and builds your mobility, strength, and coordination. It also just feels damn good and will release "happy hormones" into your blood stream--eliminating stress and reducing anxiety.


But of course, none of this is possible unless you make a commitment to yourself. Give your body 5 minutes per day to show it that you love it. That’s the real “body love.” 


Don’t make another excuse—take the plunge, and start living better.


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Topics Covered


Step by step instruction on how to mobilize each joint properly.


How to stack the deck in your favor and help anyone (or yourself) develop a life-long exercise habit.


Learn the most effective mobility drills to reduce stress, alleviate tension, and promote relaxation.


1) Follow Along (scripted)
2) Improvisation
3) Scenario Driven or Games
4) Body-Part Focused


How it contributes to mobility, stress, and strength--and how you can improve all three with simple breathing exercises. Methods for integrating improved breathing patterns into normal activity.


The core muscles are extremely important, but not just for looking good at the beach. We'll cover how to fire up that core the right way, which is necessary for maximizing both flexibility and strength.


Understand what the passive/active gap is, and how you can use that knowledge to prevent injuries.


A crash course in understanding how to correct and maintain your posture - an integral component in living a healthy and pain-free life.


Use compound movements as an initial evaluation tool to guide your future actions and deeper evaluations.


I started doing a 5 minute flow last week at work because I am behind a desk all day. My original goal was once in the afternoon. It felt so good that on day 2, that I started morning AND afternoon. Now, I'm incorporating it on the weekends as well. It's amazing what 5 little minutes will do

Jim Waddell

This has helped me tremendously. I always suffered from what I thought was "bad knees" and a "bad back" but starting my day with a flow, I now realize I was just suffering from being tight. All I had was a mobility problem. 

Eric Arrington

Less then six months ago I had a torn rotator cuff from work, and couldn't take time off due to my unit needing me. I found Max and the Five Minute Flow family and started working my ass off every day. Today I did 5 sets of ring dips for ten reps and I'm going strong.

Austin Julius Sowers


5 Minute Flow Companion Guide (.pdf)

    Step by step guide teaching you how to start from nothing and quickly learn to improvise flows to fit your lifestyle.

Instructional Videos (streaming and downloadable)

    Over 35 videos ranging from breaking down the single joint mobilization all the way to scripted 5 minute flows.

BONUS Flow Videos

Ultimate Shoulder Warm-Up & Power Up the Posterior Chain 

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5 Minute Flow